Trident Civil is an infrastructure and utility contractor located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Their projects are diversified in scope from residential neighborhoods, commercial development, VDOT, municipal utility rehabilitation, and city pump stations.

According to Chief Operating Officer, Chris Safrit, their employees’ experience combined with their knowledge of the local area allows their team to manage and complete any project no matter the size.

Trident Civil specializes in heavy construction projects including:

Pump Stations

For either storm water or wastewater pump stations their team has an unique group of skill sets that includes deep excavations and shoring, concrete and steel, pumps and controls, and building construction. 


Nearly all construction projects are built on top of a complex series of underground piping of various sizes, materials, and depths.  Their knowledge and experience provide them with the capability to meet the infrastructure needs of any client.


While roads and highways can appear simplistic, they embrace extensive and complicated roadway projects that include traffic control plans, phase details, and multi-disciplined skills and equipment to execute highway/heavy infrastructure construction projects. 


In harmony with their pump station construction, Trident Civil also has the ability to construct projects that require steel reinforcement, cast-in-place concrete, and structural steel. This group is also supported by a complement of cranes and licensed operators.


Along with their road construction, their heavy equipment resources consisting of dozers, excavators, and compaction equipment, guided by GPS technology, allows them to precisely perform mass earthwork excavations and fills required for site development, stormwater management facilities and wetland reconstruction.

Trident Civil is currently a subcontractor to Glover Construction on the 150 acre Lowes Distribution Center in Suffolk, Virginia. The $8.1m utility contract consists of 21,374 feet of storm drain, 5,227 feet of sanitary sewer, and 11,607 feet of waterline for a total of 7.24 miles of pipe. This job is staffed with 3 utility crews and 1 grade crew for a total of 25 employees, 4 excavators, 3 wheel loaders, and 2 dozers.

Trident Civil is always looking for motivated and hard working talent to join their ever growing team. They offer excellent growth opportunities, competitive earnings, and a comprehensive benefits package, including 401(k). 

They are also one of the few contractors that provides their team with a guaranteed 35 hour work week. Employees in good standing and available to work are guaranteed to be paid 35 hours regardless of weather conditions.‚Äč To learn more about the company culture and view open positions click here

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